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Sinbad Reader

Sinbad Reader – a cleaner, smoother Chinese news reader

Sinbad Reader (新八达 · 阅读) is custom tailored for reading Chinese news on iPhone/iPod/iPad. It is fully optimized for the Retina display to render the news content more vividly and deliver the most comfortable reading experience.

❖ Quick and comprehensive news coverage, so you can stay up to date with latest happening.

❖ All news categories organized in an easy to glance grid, allow you more efficient and direct access to the news you care about.

❖ Clean and professional content layout to deliver the most comfortable reading experience.

❖ Natural and intuitive gesture control so that scanning, reading, or sharing news is always just a simple finger swipe/touch away.

新八达 · 阅读–更简洁,更流畅,更高清的新闻

专为iPhone/iPod/iPad精心打造的中文新闻阅读体验. 更与Retina(视网膜)高清显示屏完美结合, 让新闻更生动, 令阅读更舒适.

❖ 实时全面的新闻来源, 让您随时掌握最新动态.

❖ 一目了然的新闻分类, 令您浏览新闻更高效, 更直接.

❖ 简洁专业的排版设计, 为您带来最舒适的阅读体验.

❖ 自然流畅的手势操作, 浏览,阅读,分享尽在您的指滑之间.

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Bumpling - A challenging yet fun logic puzzle game for iPhone/iPad/WP7

HELP! A group of lovely creatures wandered into a charmed land and got trapped by magic. The only way out is to bump each other off the land until only one is left. Help them navigate through space-bending objects like spinners, portals, and V-turns. Will you be trapped yourself? Or will your mind overpower the magic?

Bumpling is a logic puzzle game that stretches your spatial thinking and deductive muscles. You will face ever challenging puzzles and endless surprises. Along the way, show off your achievements through GameCenter, Facebook, and Twitter, and even challenge your friends with the fun puzzles that you just solved. Be prepared to spend hours in the magic land of Bumpling!

❖ Over 1000 unique puzzles in 36 levels

❖ Obstacles like broken road, spinner, quick V-turns and portals

❖ 4 cute themes: garden, pond, snow and beehive

❖ Achievements and Game Center Support

❖ Facebook and Twitter integration

❖ Challenge a friend with any puzzle you solved

❖ iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch universal version


“Have you played Fling!? If so, you will love Bumpling. The object is to knock the balls off the hexagonal grid until only 1 remains. However, there are wormholes. Also, there are rotating plates: if your man passes over this, it will exit at an angle. I'm not going to mention the 2 important elements of the turn-arounds.

Suffice it to say, this is one of those puzzle apps that you keep. Bravo to the Doodle Panda company for making this.”

Tom Cutrofello, GottaSolveIt

“Bumpling是一款带领小动物穿越魔法世界有趣的益智游戏。游戏拥有5 大关,80多小关,设置了花园、池塘、雪地、蜂巢等4种不同场景。玩家要设计不同的路线穿过充满转盘、急转弯、时空隧道的魔域,使孩子在享受快乐的同时锻炼孩子的空间和逻辑思维能力”

冷尧, 华军资讯

Bumpling screen shots

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Doodle Chinese

Doodle Chinese on iPhone/iPod Touch

A hand-drawn cartoon is designed specifically for every single phrase and conversation to help you conquer Chinese step by step in the very native way. Let's learn Chinese in a fun way at your fingertip! Doodle Chinese screen shots

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